Education and Meetings

  • Ignite Sessions and Conversation Starters

    Special informal opportunities to hear the latest from your library colleagues on what's working in their libraries and beyond. Conversation Starter talks are fast-paced 45-minute sessions intended to jumpstart conversations and highlight emerging topics and trends. Ignite speakers present for exactly five minutes on what they're most passionate about in the library world, and inspire the audience to join them. Each five minute Ignite talk is accompanied by 20 slides, each displayed for 15 seconds,with slides advancing automatically. 

  • Now Showing @ ALA Film Program

    Back by popular demand, the "Now Showing @ ALA Film Program" offers a variety of films and documentaries throughout the day from Saturday through Monday. Many will offer a chance to meet the film's writer, director, or subjects. Stop by, snack, and view a film sure to intrigue.

  • Town Hall Dialogue

    Library and Information Experts Succeeding in the 21st Century: A Town Hall Dialogue on Competencies, Careers, and Successful Practice

    Join us to continue exploring competencies, careers, and successful practices for 21st-century information professionals facilitated by ALA President Julie Todaro and guided by thought leaders including Eileen Abels (Dean, Simmons School of Library and Information Science), John Bertot, (Professor, University of Maryland, College of Information Studies), and Valerie Gross (President and CEO, Howard County Library, Maryland). Attendees will participate in a conversation on what skills, knowledge, traits, and expectations will support successful libraries of the future--all types and sizes of libraries. What will employers be expecting? What competencies will be necessary for libraries to thrive in our future society and education? How can library and information science schools and professional development programs prepare librarians and library workers today to be successful in the future? Input and insights from a range of attendees will help ALA best support future libraries and librarians. Get details and add to your schedule.

  • Discussion Groups

    The Annual Conference features more than 200 Discussion Groups—loosely organized sessions on broad and timely topics, each sponsored by an ALA division, round table, or office. These generally highly interactive sessions may or may not have a speaker and are more open discussions than informational.

  • Committee Meetings

    Committee meetings are held during the Annual Conference to do the business of the association. Some meetings will be listed "closed" when they are discussing private information, but most meetings are open to any attendee, and are often a good way to learn about the business of ALA and its divisions.

  • Think Fit @ ALA

    Sustainability and ‘green’ efforts are increasing throughout the events and hospitality industry. ‘Thinking Fit’ by minimizing our negative impact on the environment, ALA encourages you to keep an eye out for our environmentally friendly activities, as well as those of our vendors and other partners.

  • PR Sunday Spotlight

    A new focus at the 2017 Annual Conference, introducing the PR Sunday Spotlight! Four events that showcase innovative outreach and engagement tactics.

    Libraries Transform: New Tools and Best Practices - 10:30 am – 11:30 am

    Learn about new tools and resources from Libraries Transform, the ALA national awareness campaign. Discover how more than 7,000 participants are using the free tools and resources to help keep their libraries in the limelight. Get details and add to your schedule.


    PR Xchange -11:30 am – 1:00 pm

    LLAMA’s PR Xchange is a great way to share your best materials and learn from your peers—and you can browse  through a multitude of print and electronic library marketing materials from different types of libraries. Get details and add to your schedule.

    PR Xchange Awards Ceremony - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    Get details and add to your schedule.


    PR Forum - 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    From the PR Form, take home new ideas, strategies, and tactics that you can adapt and implement in any type of  library. Join Ben Bizzle, the library marketer who has a reputation for generating buzz, resulting in content that’s sure to go viral. Get details and add to your schedule.


    John Cotton Dana Awards & Reception - 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm

    At the John Cotton Dana Awards & Reception, learn from the winners and join in on the celebration! You’ll be inspired by the captivating stories and the award-winning outreach initiatives. Get details and add to your schedule.