How you can be more valuable.

Expand your network.                 Build your knowledge.              Improve your profession.

  • When you're able to implement the innovative ideas, strategies and techniques after you return, you're well-equipped to increase your library's efficiencies, and serve your community better. The conference program is always designed to maximize your time away from your job with a focus on engagement, dialogue, and innovation around transforming libraries. The content of ALA conferences and meetings will help your library to track trends and keep up with a rapidly changing field with tools, ideas and resources available from the hundreds of programs offered (i.e., discussion groups, sessions, networking events, speakers, and more). Identify the best programs for your area(s) of librarianship with the Conference Scheduler located on the site, and advance program listings.
  • In the exhibits, you'll find hundreds of knowledgeable vendors. You'll meet face-to-face with current and new vendors about their products and services. And you can save your library time and money as you're able to seek cost-effective alternatives, comparison shop, and maximize the services you're currently using.
  • Attending any of the numerous sessions related to library advocacy will allow you to meet other concerned and creative librarians to collaborate with in the future. When you can fill your advocacy toolbox with ideas and strategies shared by your colleagues, the ALA Washington Office, the ALA Office for Advocacy and many other experts, you will as a result, become a more effective library advocate in your local community, your state, or nationally.
  • Strengthen your library’s network as you connect with, and learn from, the wide range of attendees from all types of libraries across the US and globally. The conference offers numerous opportunities to meet people and network. It's so easy to meet others as you participate in sessions and programs, or strike up a conversation at a special event, in informal social settings, or even in the hallways.
  • When you return, you’ll bring a fresh energy and an excitement to your work. You'll influence your co-workers with great ideas and boost the experience of those who use your library with innovative strategies. Your excitement will come from all the personal interactions, the ideas, the creativity, the enthusiasm, and the expertise you encountered from the librarians in attendance. Not to mention the non-library thought-leaders whose programs will inspire you to think differently, and how you can make a difference in the library world too.
  • You'll heighten your library’s reputation when you participate actively in your profession and show that your institution is committed to professional development, innovation, outreach and the offering of stellar services. This can excite future job candidates who will undoubtedly want to work at your library.

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